1. I didn't receive an Evite. How do I reserve?

    Please send an email to NakedParty2000@gmail.com with the words Invite Me! in the subject line.

    In the body of the email, please include the following information:

    • First and last name
    • Date of birth, including year
    • Current height and weight
    • Name and email of the person who referred you to us, or how you heard about us.

  2. What kind of guys come to these parties?

    Parties are designed for guys who are in good to excellent shape. Most guys are height-weight proportionate. You do not have to have the body of an Olympic athlete to attend. You may see a variety of body types at the parties, including a few guys over their ideal weight.

    All ages, 18 and up, are welcome. We've had guests from their late teens to early 60s. Most guys are 20s, 30s and 40s.

  3. How do I sign up to assist and receive free admission?

    To receive free admission for assisting before, during and/or after either party, send an email to NakedParty2000@gmail.com telling me the hours that you are available to assist.

  4. Who are you? What is homosensuality?

    This is Phil of Naked Yoga Los Angeles. However, this is NOT a Naked Yoga Los Angeles event.

    My personal definition of homosensuality is the enjoyment of the sight, smell and touch of men's bodies and men's souls in an atmosphere that may or may not be sexual. For more on my thoughts, click here.

  5. Are your events sex parties?

    My parties are a unique opportunity to hang out naked with other like-minded guys in an atmosphere that is sexy, but not necessarily sexual. Oral and anal contact are strictly prohibited. Manual stimulation is permitted in the massage area.

  6. How did you get my email address?

    Most email addresses come from the Naked Yoga Los Angeles mailing list. If you are not a member of Naked Yoga Los Angeles then we probably have met, either in person or online.

  7. How do I unsubscribe?

    To unsubscribe from my list, send an email to NakedParty2000@gmail.com with the word Unsubscribe in the subject line.